We Need Your Help

To create the ‘Database of Ideas’ we need seed funding to complete the necessary software programmes, the online database and then check, upload and publish the many thousands of ideas as they are created.

We are looking for £48,000 to set up the whole system and publish all of the innovations we can create through the study of our first target sector – the Patent Trolls – surrounding their patents with published ideas making them worthless and putting them out of business.

Once we have the system and programmes in place then taking on other sectors will be much cheaper and require much less funding with the Ideas Generation Machine’ software working its way though industry after industry to open up innovation.

Have you been ripped off by Patent Trolls?

Have you had your innovation restrained by a restrictive patent?

Do you believe that innovation should be allowed to flourish for the benefit of all?

Then please help us BREAK THE PATENT STRANGLEHOLD and donate to our cause!