The Database Of Ideas

Creating a patent for an innovation is very expensive and time consuming, but publishing the idea so it cannot be patented is very cheap. The Database of Ideas – – will be the repository of all of the many thousands of ideas that we automatically publish through the systematic use of TRIZ, the innovative problem solving tool for any industry.

Utilizing TRIZ’s ability to map out the future evolution of all products and services, we will build a comprehensive wall around restrictive patents thus enabling new users to make use of new solutions that invent beyond the trolls and simultaneously create better, more effective solutions.

Patent trolls and big corporations use TRIZ principles & trends to patent each next step restraining others from making them. We will use these same principles to publish the ideas ensuring ‘prior art’ on them and leveling the playing field for all.

The Database of Ideas can then be used in three ways;

  1. To resist the introduction of new restrictive patents because they will be subject to prior art – ie ‘there will be evidence of that someone, somewhere, sometime previously has described or shown something that is very similar to your invention.’
  2. So that people being threatened by restrictive patent holders can check to see if our published ideas have superseded the patent.
  3. Entrepreneurs can view it for new ideas to match their skills.

The ‘Database of Ideas’ will be placed online with no access restriction and, through the ‘principles of innovation’ we will tens of thousands of ideas every year across a wide range of industries.