Break the Patent Stranglehold

The patent system was created to support entrepreneurs and encourage innovation – now it does the opposite stifling innovators and new ideas. It was set out to ensure that anyone with a good idea had a window of time to develop and introduce it.

Now patent trolls are using the system to rip off manufacturing companies and large corporations are registering tens of thousands of patents and then sitting on them to create profit by restraining competition.

This is bad for new business, bad for human development and bad for our planet!

With your help we can Break the Patent Stranglehold!

By publishing millions of innovative ideas we can ensure that patents cannot be taken out on them. Publishing the ideas is not for gain and gives us no hold on them because by putting them into the public domain ensures that anyone with the ability to develop and introduce them. No longer will unscrupulous individuals and organisations be able to use restrictive patents to slow the world’s development of ideas and innovations.